Privacy Policy


“Sahitya Sowgat” (সাহিত্য স‌ওগাত) is a Bangladeshi literary organization. The online desk of this organization is


Data collection

1. A person who subscribes or login, we take his/her personal e-mail address.

2. We carry the author’s personal information and e-mail address as soon as the article is published and we use it in the author’s identity.

Data storage

1. Regularly— we send updates of our website to the e-mail address of the subscriber. We store their e-mail addresses with the utmost privacy.

2. We use the author’s personal information and e-mail address publicly with their permission.


1. We publish any kind of article on any subject; But in article, we very carefully avoid hatred, resentment, extremist behavior towards others. And, we do not publish any hateful, extremist article.

2. Strict editing is done by targeting untrue information and extremist attitudes in the text.

3. We take permission from the author to republish any previously published text; If we do not find the author, we give credit to the author’s name with the full description of the source of the text.

Our Content Use Policy

1. Any of our content may be copied, but only on condition that we provide institutional credit. We can take legal action against anyone who uses any of our (Full) content without institutional recognition.

2. This provision will not apply to any previously published text.

3. By contacting us, you can use any Content (Full) at the designated place and time with the permission of the designated person or organization.